This book contains all the information about blouse designs. We want it to be an encyclopaedia of blouse designs. Firstly, we cover all the blouse designs that you need to know. After getting to know all the blouse designs, you can find out how do you choose your blouse designs based on your saree type. And also, we covered all the blouse design inspirations from Bollywood celebrities. If you think we have not covered something, please lets us know in the comments section

Blouse Designs Latest Models

Top 22 Back Neck Blouse Designs For Your Wardrobe: One of the most read articles on our website, this article will take you through all the blouse back neck designs that every women should now about. Why go for the mainstream designs when you can choose from all the 22 back-neck designs from this guide. A must read if you are into ethnic wear.

Embrodiery and Embellishments on Blouses You must have gone through a lot of articles that would tell you all about blouse designs, different necklines, different cuts and designer blouses but what you might not have come across is an article about the different types of embroidery and embellishments on saree blouses. Get an insight about all those beautiful embroidery and embellishments that you can have on your next blouse design to look the best on any occasion.

Exquisite Designer Blouses: These are those ethnic wear that we keep staring at for hours and make us wish we had a designer best friend too. If you adore great works of art, check these designer blouses right now because they have been made with absolute care and a lot of creativity.

Unique Blouse Designs: Fashion is not just about comfort or looking good but it’s about looking great and different. Do you want to be the centre of attention the next time you go to an event wearing your ethnic outfit? Then you have got through this article on 16 Unique Blouse Designs That Most Women Haven’t Heard Of.

Pot Neck Blouse Designs What’s better than a beautifully embroidered saree? Well, a beautifully embroidered saree with a pot neck blouse design. Check out one of the best pot neck blouse designs that you can get in your saree to look even more attractive.

By Saree Type

Blouse Designs for Cotton Sarees: Bored of wearing your old and simple cotton saree? Then bring a twist in your daily wear sarees just by changing your blouse design. This article takes you through those 10 simple ways that you can follow to get that drastic change in your wardrobe.

Blouse Designs for Silk Sarees: Are you into silk sarees? Well, we admire them as much as you do. That is why we decided to share this article with you about those 8 types of blouse that are most trending for silk sarees. Don’t you want to find out what designs they are? Then go ahead and read this another fabulous piece on ethnic wear. You wouldn’t be disappointed, we promise you that!

Bridal Blouse Designs

Who doesn’t love all that jaw dropping detailing and heavy embroidery on those bridal leengas and bridal ethnic collection, right? Well, we surely do and if you do too, then we would suggest you must check out these Top 10 bridal blouses that a bride must choose from.

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Not one of the online article readers? No worries because we have something for you too. Yes, a gallery post. Give your eyes the golden chance to admire all the beautiful blouse designs that have been mentioned in every article on our website. Go ahead and see the post that you’ll save in your bookmarks!

Online Shopping

Love to shop online but don’t know how to shop smart? Don’t worry becaue this article will tell you all the secrets of online shopping of ethnic wear so that you never have to return or exchange your next order of fashion apparel.

Bollywood Celebrity Blouse Designs

Designer Blouses Worn By Deepika Padukone: We can never get enough of this gorgeous actor and we knew you would definitely go through this article. A must read post about all the classiest sarees that have been worn by our favourite actor, Deepika Padukone and see how you can get inspired from her fashion sense and add the same glam to your next saree.

Blouse Designs Worn By Bollywood Divas: Do you also love to check out all those amazing ethnic wear outfits worn by our Bollywood hotties? We know you do and that’s why we think you would absolutely love our article on Famous Blouse Designs Worn By Bollywood Divas that will make you envy them even more.

Boat Neck Blouse Designs by Bollywood Divas: Want to know the secret of looking great in those ethnic wear like our Bollywood divas? Then check out our post on 10 LATEST BOAT NECK BLOUSE DESIGNS BY BOLLYWOOD DIVAS and find out how you can add the same bling to your next blouse design (which we are hoping will be a boat neck design after you check out this post). We bet you’ll fall in love with number 6.

Sonam Kapoor Blouse Designs: More reasons to stalk and envy Sonam Kapoor are these Modish Blouses worn by her on several occasions. We obviously adore her fashion sense and what we adore more is the way she amazingly wears every outfit she owns with such confidence and elegance. Let us check out this fashionista’s ethnic wear gallery.