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7 Super Stylish Ways To Tie a Scarf

Scarves are the most versatile accessory which can add character to any outfit. A day out with your BFF or a night out with your partner- a scarf can zing up your drab and boring clothes in a matter of minutes.

Now-a-days scarves come in a variety of colours, prints and fabrics ranging from silks to cotton and rayon but you can rock this look only when you know how to tie one.

Now, all you lovely ladies out there, don’t worry if you can’t even differentiate between a bow knot and a simple loop knot, we are here for you.

We bring to you 7 super stylish ways to decode this perfect accessory.

Scarf Style 1: Infinity Knot:

Infinity style
Infinity Style

1) Drape your favorite scarf over your shoulder so that both the sides are of the same length.

2) At the very bottom of both ends, tie a tight overhand knot which wont open easily.

3) Tie another knot to ensure that the first knot doesn’t slip or open easily.

4) Take the loop and twist it so that it is shaped like an eight.

5) Drape the bottom loop of the eight over your head carefully so it does not open.


Scarf Style 2: Slip Knot.

The easiest and the most classic way to tie a scarf around neck is the Slip Knot. It is also very suitable for formal outings.


Slip Knot
Slip Knot

1)Fold the scarf into two halves so that they are equal. Then put it around the neck.

2)Pull both of the open ends of the scarf into loop.

3)Adjust the scarf comfortably according to your convenience so that its tight.

4)Leave the knot loosely. You can fit it around the neck as well.


Scarf Style 3: Celebrity Knot:

This knot is very common among celebrities, both of hollywood and bollywood.

Celebrity Knot
Celebrity Knot
source: homepage


1) Drape your scarf over shoulder, with one end significantly longer than the other.

2) Loop the longer end around your neck three times in the same direction for uniformity.

3) Fit the end when you loop through the third loop so that it’s dangling down underneath the lower loop.

4) Fit the non-looped end over and into the third loop and rock your look celebrity look.

Scarf Style 4: Bow Scarf Knot:

Bow Knot
Bow Knot

1)Drape your scarf around your neck once and create a full circle loop on one end of the scarf carefully so it is a little loose.

2)Pinch the center of the loop you made. Then begin wrapping the scarf around the loop from underneath with the loose end.

3)Continue pulling the loose end around the pinched loop. After which tie a tight knot in the center.

Scarf Style 5: Cowboy Scarf

Cowboy Scarf

1)Fold scarf in half, creating a triangle.

2)Wrap the scarf from the front leaving the point of the triangle near your navel.

3)Over the top of the triangle, bring the tails of the scarf to the front. After which tie a square knot letting some scarf billow over the top.

Scarf Style 6: Waterfall Scarf Knot:

Waterfall Style
Waterfall style

1) Twirl the scarf around the neck with one of its end comparably longer than the other side of the scarf.

2)Whorl around the longer end of the scarf only once around your neck.

3)Take the end that you looped and shelter it by the top of scarf slowly.

4)Fit the top corner into the loop.

5)When this is done properly, the unattached side droops down like the waterfall.

Scarf Style 7: Scarf Wrap:

Simple Scarf
Simple Scarf

We can just simply wrap scarf around shoulders and it looks very very elegant.

If you liked this article, you can get more ideas by watching the video below.

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