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Know your accessories #1: All about casual bracelets

So Bracelets are the kind of accessory that will literally go with any outfit!You can’t say that for chains.Can you wear necklaces or chains with a polo or a sports t-shirt? Bracelets can do that! Keep reading.

Looking back on little history, bracelets originally became a part of Indian tradition. As in many places the number and type of bangles worn by a woman denote her marital status. In Sikhism, a bracelet is one of the mandatory articles known as the Five Virtues. Although now they are used more commonly as an ornament apart from the religious sentiment.

The basic types are-

1) Charm bracelet

These contain dangling trinkets or beads which symbolize the important things in the wearer’s life. From dangling hearts to dangling skulls!. Probably a beach lover’s ideal bracelet would be

ideal beach bracelet
ideal beach bracelet
source: www.etsy.com

Similarly, you can choose trinkets according to your personality:) Even the Illuminati eye trinket:P These look cute with any outfit. If it has few trinkets, then wear it for any casual outing. If it’s filled, then wear it when you go for some special occasions.

The popular Italian charm bracelets have each charm separate and are interchangeable. It lies flat against the wrist, interlocking to the next charm. It is kind of like a watch. It will be perfect gift with a message or a small quote. Or perhaps just personalize it with your initials!

Italian charm bracelet with messages
Italian charm bracelet with messages
source: www.thediamondstoresite.com

2) Bangles

Bangles are the ‘stiff bracelets’. The glass or metal bangles are for traditional dresses like salwar, sari etc. But if worn rightly, then you can rock the look! The thin plain metal bunch of bangles will go really well with shirts or shorts

thin silver bangles
thin silver bangles
source: www.ebay.com

why just monotonous silver and gold? play with the colours!

colorful metal bangles
source: www.funwirks.com

why perfect circles?

square bangles
source: www.voonik.com

Or go for threaded wonders. Make sure it doesn’t have a heavy design, if you want the casual look!

plain thread bangles
source: www.tradeindia.com

Thin, fat, single, double or many; you can wear bangles according to your taste. Just keep one thing in mind, it is better to wear bangles in both your hands if it is a traditional dress, or  it is preferable in just one hand, if it is casual.

3)Slap bracelets

You might probably remember these from your childhood!. You know the amazing scale as a bracelet, which when slapped on wrists used to get wrapped around? Had all goofy cartoons? Well a decent design in them can still be used, even if you are not 10 year old! They are funky and cool, perfect for casual outfits and also they are kind of uncommon that adds up a kind of charm to it:)

furry slap bracelet
furry slap bracelet
source: www.monstertrendz.com

or simple yet trendy

simple silicon slap bracelets
source: www.quotewharf.com

works with casual and even elegance depending on design

4)Beaded bracelets

Beaded bracelets are the most common type. It can be worn for different occasions depends on the types of beads. Like this one is classy and can be worn with one pieces or party wear

elegant beaded bracelets
elegant beaded bracelets
source: blog.consumercrafts.com

while these are perfect for any casual T-shirt

casual bead bracelet
casual bead bracelet
source: www.ebay.com

5)Sports Bracelet

Ah here they come! A.k.a wristbands. The ones I was talking bout in the start. These rubber or cloth wristbands shout out loud, “cool”. The particular favorite of crazy fan girls who want to show their loyalty towards their boy band singers to the world. Not just bands but even brands like Nike etc. These bands make a statement and people religiously wear it everyday. Fortunately it goes with casual wear but do a favor to fashion by not wearing them with magnificent wonderful dresses to a party! It messes up your ensemble!

fan wristbands
source: www.amazon.com
Nike cloth wristbands
Nike cloth wristbands
source: www.sportsunlimitedinc.com

I know these are gym wear but who says you can’t wear them to a mall;) Perfect for denim wear, gym outfits, jerseys!

Accessories aren’t difficult. If it suits with your outfit, you should wear it. It is that simple! Fashion is just wearing the right thing at the right time at the right place;)

Happy Accessorizing!! ^^

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