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A Fashionista’s Diary: Devika Bajaj

We’ve given you tips, provided you with samples, filled your head with creative ideas, and everything that we thought will be more than helpful to you. This time it’s different; it’s something new that we’ve come up with. We bring you exclusive interviews of people who are ruling the Land of Fashion.

To begin with, the first person we were in talks with, is an amateur fashion blogger but a stunning stylist of her own and the people around her. She’s a bubbly girl who can light up any room with her brightest smile and her love for fashion and food is just a cherry on the top of an apple pie. People we bring to you, Devika Bajaj.

She has just started a blog of her own,and we couldn’t help but fall in love with her amazing style. Her blog is called devikabajaj1702 and narrates the tales of daily and occasional fashion feels. Her Instagram handle @_devika_bajaj_ is also something that you wouldn’t wanna miss. Here is an exclusive interview with the future fashionista for FashionPro.


Q: So, Devika would you like to tell our readers a little about yourself?

A: I don’t have too much for my introduction. Just a learner, a wanderlust soul, insane food lover and a turning chef.
Being the eldest kid in family, things have been pretty conservative for me. But when you have as supportive parents as I fortunately have, there is no success that wouldn’t come to you. All you need to do is try a little bit.

As far as my interests, I’m passionate about dancing, singing and cooking. Fashion has always been a favorite thing to me. Getting dressed and getting people dressed with the latest fashion is a happy, happy feeling.

Well, this is for the first time that I’ve got a chance to express myself on a platform like this.


Q: We’ve seen your pictures and we have to admit you’re very photogenic and so perfect to be role model for many others. May I ask, what exactly does fashion mean to you?

A: To me fashion is not just a statement; fashion is way more than that. It’s whatever you wear, the way you carry yourself in every attire, that is fashion for me. Fashion is not limiting it to the runways and the magazines, it’s wearing anything that makes you happy from the inside, from your soul. That is Fashion.


Q: Well, was this something that struck you or were you planning it all along? What/Who inspired to start your own fashion blog?

A: Inspirations, there are plenty of people who can inspire you every single day. But first, we require to be our own inspiration and make ourselves feel good about us. Most people, especially successful people, have somebody that inspired them to do what they’re doing and helped them achieve everything that they have, be it a person, a situation, or just their gut feeling. For me, it’s my mother. She is a brave human being who will do whatever it takes to protect the ones she loves and stands by them, strong as a pillar. She is my support system.


Q: Everyone has their one person they’d any day trade lives with, the one person they can do anything to be or at least be like them. Do you have anyone like that in particular?

A: Well, yes there is. She is the reason I started Fashion Blogging. Kritika Khurana stole my heart when I first found her. I am insanely in love with her styling ideas, contemporary fashion and her as a person. If you haven’t yet checked out her blog, I would definitely recommend you to. She is my favorite and I hope she penetrates through your heart too. She’s just amazing!

Here’s where to find Kritika!

Q: As a future fashionista, what would your choice of clothes be that are a must in every college-going girl’s closet?

A: It’s a tough choice. You never know what you might need and when. Here are a few things that will turn your bad day into a good one without even trying too hard.

• a pair of blue jeans (life saviour)
• a pair of white sneakers
• a black blazer
• a white t-shirt
•a denim jacket
• a piece of legacy jewellery
• a cute little black dress


Q: You’re such a wonderful personality! You create this positive vibe around everyone, so confident. Would you like to share the secret spell of this confidence with the readers that are fashion-troubled?

A: Just be confident. There’s no secret to that, you have to feel from within. Look in the mirror and remind yourself everyday that you’re beautiful. Be comfortable in your own skin before covering it with fabric. And never be afraid to try on something new and different.


Q: What is it in your wardrobe that you’re absolutely in love with, something that you cannot do without?

A: I’m crazy about this blue jeans that I own. Be it any season, my blue jeans is the only thing I’m head over heels for. I can carry anything with my blue jeans. It’s like a best friend, my savior on any bad day. Not that skirt, not that pretty dress that I just bought, but my favorite blue jeans over anything any day!


Q: Like every other thing, this interview had to come to an end too. Is there anything unsaid that you’d like to share with the readers before it’s time to leave?

A: The only message I want to give to all the pretty girls out there is that you must know that you’re beautiful and remind yourself this everyday. Everything else will be taken care of.


Thank you so much for your time Devika! We wish you all the very best for your future and hope you get everything that you dream of. You are truly an inspiration!

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