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Fasten your seat belts to take a tour of this article dedicated to, well, belts.

Belts became popular due to their wide usage of keeping the pants uptight; mostly worn by men in the early eras are now common to women for accessorizing dresses. Seriously, belts can make a simple dress extraordinary!

Ever wished to have a dress that modifies itself perfectly for any situation? Well, lets say belt here can be your help, formals to party wear to casuals, add the right belt and you got yourself an appropriate outfit! Belts can make one same dress look so different!

same dress different belts
Same dress different belts
source: xcapewithlinh.com
  • Narrow/skinny belts

These delicate thin belts are easily worn out, hence make sure you use these only as a waist accessory and not as a tool for keeping your pants tight. These things will make your cute outfits cuter:)

skinny belt
skinny belt
source: y-olo.gr



  • Obi/ribbon belts

These wraparound belts are inspired by Japanese kimono ensemble. These go back and front unlike tie belts which are tied in just one loop. Wear it with full-length jumpsuits, long skirts, gowns. Choose an exciting color to add a little drama to the dresses.

obi belt
Obi belt
source: wanelo.com

The ribbon belts are similar to wraparounds. Only these look delicate, so it defines your waist with less boldness.


ribbon belt

source: www.aliexpress.com
  • Hip belts

The typical hip belts are in a V-shape below the belly button, though now hip belts are any normal low waist belts. Hip jewelry is our traditional kamarbandh. Hip belts can be worn over slim fit trousers and shirt. Match it with a hat or a beanie for a cool hipster look!

hip belt
hip belt
source: wowoon.com

Kamarbandhs can be worn with saris or ghagras.

source: thestylecircle.com
  • Metallic, neon, textured belts

These are a must have. They are the perfect accessories to jazz up your outfit! Summer is the ideal season to wear a cool top, shorts, and a great neon colored belt! Neon colors are funky and flashy, but excess usage will become gaudy

neon belt
neon belt
source: lookbook.nu


source: www.fashionaffair.in

You can wear any metallic or the classic gold or silver belt with a simple one piece; it will look angelic:) Wear them on a single colored outfit to enhance it.

gold belt
gold belt
source: in.pinterest.com

The cheetah design textured belts are always in fashion. Goes with almost anything.

cheetah print belt
cheetah print belt
source: www.divinecaroline.com
  • Braided belts

The evergreen braided belts look good with almost anything and everything. They can be used as an accessory or even as an ordinary belt for your jeans.

braided belt
braided belt
source: heeyfashion.com
braided belt
braided belt
source: www.memorandum.com
  • Tooled belts

I say girls can pull this off better than the traditional cowboys! They are leather belts with heavy buckle and bold designs. Wear cargo pants or khaki colored pants to get a cowboy er…cowgirl look. Not meant for cute simple dresses but rough and tough wear.

tooled belt
tooled belt
source: www.rods.com
  • Chain belts

These have links instead of holes and links instead of leash. You can wear them once a while for a change. These look cute with tunics and short dresses. Almost like the kamarbandh only it doesn’t have to be mandatory low waist. Delicate single chain ones will look good with crop tops .

chain belt
chain belt
source: glamradar.com
  • Elasticized belts

This gives a figure flattering silhouette. Make sure the one you wear is not too tight. No matter how fashionable it may look, comfort should always come with it! Not advised for heavy bellied bodies. It enhances your curves.

elastic belt
elastic belt
source: www.gaelsong.com
  • D-ring belts

The only difference between this and a normal belt is that this has a D-ring instead of a buckle. Trousers, shorts, skirts anything can be paired up.

source: www.amazon.com

Just wear the right thing at the right time at the right place:)

Happy Accessorizing!!^^


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