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Top 10 Anarkali Dresses

Anarkali dresses are one of those styles that seem to be here to stay. They took all of India by storm when they first came in. And to this day, they are the must-haves of every fashionista’s wardrobe. From bridal to daily wear, they are the ultimate style statement. With the new extravagant designs, they seem to be the be-all and end-all of ethnic fashion. Check out a few uber-chic designs of this fashion trend we just can’t seem to get enough of.

1. Gown Style


Gown style anarkali
Gown style anarkali
source: cdn.shopify.com

A cross between the east and the west, the gown style anarkali is the perfect amalgamation of these two classic trends. It is bound to give one an edge over all the mundane, conventional outfits giving you the best if both worlds and making you the object of everyone’s admiration.

Fish-cut gown anarkali
Fish-cut gown anarkali
source: www.indiansareestore.com

Yet another style of this ultra-modern trend is the fish-cut gown anarkali further blurring the line between the former and the latter and making one look absolutely gorgeous.

2. Shaded

Blue Shaded Anarkali
Shaded anarkali
source: imshopping.rediff.com

Another chic trend we just can’t get enough of is the shaded style. You can opt for an anarkali adorning different shades of the same color or one which offer the eye-pleasing mergence of one color into another like the one shown above. Shaded anarkali is another classic that will make one the star of every event.

3. Koti-style

Koti-style anarkali
Koti-style anarkali
source: imshopping.rediff.com

Another classy design of anarkali salwaar kameez is the koti style. It comprises of a koti attached to a blouse, slitting anywhere between just under the breast or at the waist depending on the costumer’s choice. This style is now becoming the life of many high-end fashion events.

4. Straight

Straight anarkali
Straight anarkali
source: www.nallucollection.com

Yet another chic manifestation of this classy trend is the straight anarkali. This unconventional design is the brand new up and comer which is sure to leave people wondering after you. This can even be used to substitute for the conventional bridal lehengas which might seem too boring to some.

Bridal Straight Anarkali
Bridal Straight Anarkali
source: baggout.tiles.large.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com

5. Corset/choli style

Corset style anarkali
Corset style anarkali
source: stylenewtrend.com

Another meeting of the east and the west can be seen in the corset style anarkali where the upper fitted corset flares down into the classic skirt of the anarkali. This design is another variant of the choli style anarkali shown down which boasts of a fitted choli followed by the trademark flowy skirt. Adorning either of these is bound to make you the object of everyone’s admiration.

Choli-style anarkali
Choli-style anarkali
source: www.panachemall.com

6. Long-short Anarkali dresses

LOng-short anarkali
Long-short anarkali
source: www.fillyz.com

Gone are the days of symmetry. The present generation tends to get bored easily, so why should we go for the conventional, boring and symmetrical option? These long-short anarkali designs are bound to satisfy your hunger for something extraordinary and give you the chic edge you deserve.

7. Bridal

Briddal embroidered anarkali
Bridal Anarkali
source: www.bridalsurat.com

Gone are the days of the traditional and boring lehenga-choli or sarees that used to be the end-all of all weddings. The new age bride deserves something that sets her apart. Such magnificent embroidered anarkali design is bound to give you just that.

8. Garara Style

Garara bridal anarkali
Garara style anarkali
source: media.ishimaya.com

Yet another new style is the garara style anarkali salwaar kameez. It is every unconventional fashionista’s must have.

9. Angrakha style

Angrakha style anarkali
Angrakha style anarkali
source: images.cbazaar.com

Angrakha design finds its way into this classic trend too. When you combine the two, the magic happens.

10. Side slit

Side-slit anarkali
Side-slit anarkali with plazzo
source: www.sareeka.com
Side-slit anrakali
Side-slit anarkali with legging
source: blog.craftshopsindia.com

Another exciting variant is the side-slit anarkali. It can be worn either way, on plazzos or leggings. Either way, it is a sure-shot way to up your glamour quotient.

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