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DIY Top Ideas: Create Your Own Style Statement

You always wanted a  specific top for any special event but couldn’t find the right one? Not any more! Though the market is flooded with varieties of top but getting the desired one is a tough task. Why not create it by yourself? This article will give  you simple DIY tips that will be totally wearable.

A great way to turn your top or tee into something creative and unique. For sure this article will make you feel like an artist and a designer at the same time.Your look will be refreshed effortlessly.


DIY T-shirt
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Simple yet funky isn’t it?

A  great way to turn your  top or tee into something creative and unique. For sure this article will  make you feel like an artist and a designer at the same time. Your look will be refreshed effortlessly.

Stenciled Top
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One easy way to redesign your top is by  painting on it, have you ever thought of using freezer paper as stencil? Now you will know. It’s very simple, you need a few materials.

Things you will need:

Materials Needed
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  • Freezer paper
  • Foam brush
  • Fabric paint
  • Cutter
  • Iron


First draw your design on the freezer paper, on the side without plastic wrap. Now cut  your stencil carefully.

Step: 1 Design Stencil
source: de.pinterest.com


Put your stencil at your desired place on the top. Iron your stencils so that it will stick  on the top.

Step:2 Ironing
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Step:3 Prep-up for Paintng

Before painting put a  a piece of cardboard  inside the top in  order to prevent the paint to pass on the back of your top.

source: de.pinterest.com


Use a  foam brush  to paint  your t-shirt. Do it slowly and use little paint at a time in order to prevent slipping of color .

Step:4 Start Painting
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Wait till the paint is completely dry ,it may take an hour or more remove carefully the stencil. Now pull it gently, it can be removed easily.

Ta-Da!!!! Ready!!
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This way you can make  your own DIY fashion  and get new tops  to add to your wardrobe. There are infinite ways of painting , from free-hand to stencils to spray painting!

More Inspiration!!!

Stenciled Bird
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Nautical Inspiration!
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Whichever method you choose, you will definitely end up with something creative and unique.You may try your favorite quote as well.


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