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Tunics for leggings

Life is too short to be boring. And, to wear boring clothes. So, if you’re bored with the usual, monotonous, and bland combination of a salwar-kameez or proper suits wit dupattas, here’s another trend of the west we Indians are so skillfully adopting and making our own. Tunics. With the right pair of leggings and minimalistic accessories, you can step out looking like an absolute diva without much hassle. Here are some types of cool tunics and how to wear them.

Kaftan style


Embroidered kaftan tunic
Embroidered Kaftan Tunic
source: www.sweetcouch.com


Kaftan tunic wih legging
Black and red kaftan tunic
source: images.indianroots.com

Kaftan style tunics are easy to wear and give you a chic urban hippie look. They add to your style quotient and are easy to carry. Pair a flowy kaftan with the right pair of leggings and minimal accessories and you are good to go.


Front slit

Front-slit Tunic
Front-slit Tunic
source: www.evavarro.com

Everything with a front slit is in these days. So is the case with tunics. The slit could be right below the breast or at the waistline. With the trail of hanging behind gracefully, you’ll rock the minimal look with matte make up and a pair of matching leggings.



Long-short Tunic
Long-short Tunic
source: images.kooves.com

Here’s another trends we just can’t get enough of. Long-short tunics are a must have this season. It’s a sure shot way to up your style quotient without much effort or hassle.


Tunics with belt

Tunic with belt
Tunic with belt
source: aelida.com
Tunic with belt
Tunic with belt
source: images.kooves.com

Another cool style of tunic is the one with belt around the waist. These enhance your curves without sticking to your body too much. They bend in at just the right places making you look your best.



Asymmetrical tunic with legging
Asymmetrical Tunic
source: d3fz2gimmwxw5g.cloudfront.net

Symmetry is boring. So is the case when it comes to tunics. These new style of asymmetrical tunics with fitted leggings are the need of the hour for the fashionistas in us. So, go ahead and pick out a long asymmetrical tunic and be the life of every event.


Silk tunics

Silk Tunic Designs with leggings
Silk Tunic Designs
source: www.southindiafashion.com

Gone are the days of fretting at the mention of silk. Messy, gaudy and hard to carry silk is a thing of the past with these chic, gorgeous silk tunics. Pair them with matching leggings and you’re good to go. It’s just that easy now!


Gathered/tucks tunic

Gathered Tunic on Legging
Gathered Tunic With Tucks
source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com


Tunic gathered below the breast
Gathered Tunic With Matching Legging And Accessories
source: 33.media.tumblr.com

Another great style of tunics is the one with gathers and tucks. Sometimes gathered just below the breasts and sometimes with tucks at the right place, they enhance your figure and give you just the look you deserve.


Sweater style

Sweater style tunic
Sweater style tunic
source: styloss.com

This winter season, ditch the knitted sweaters on kurtas and go for these ultra-modern sweater style tunics. They fall right over your body, are easy to carry and will keep you warm while making you look super cool and fabulous. Go ahead and flaunt this look and be the centre of everyone’s attention!





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