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7 Fashion Mistakes Every Short Girl Should Avoid

Every short girl faces some difficulties growing up, picking the right dresses and haircuts. Sometimes short girls commit fashion blunders making them look fatter and chubbier than tall girls.

What any short girl needs to do is stop choosing certain clothes and then she will notice the change.

Fashion Police
Fashion Police
source: angieinthethickofit.com

So Here are 7 fashion mistakes which make you look shorter than usual and you should definitely avoid them

1. Long tops or kurtas

Long tops or kurtas aren’t always the right choice for shorter women. Instead of looking classy, you can often look shabby and unkept.

long kurta
rashmi desai in a long kurta
source: www.mruga.com

2.Turtle Necks

Sweaters with turtle necks might make you look like they don’t have long necks. Turtle neck sweaters are usually discouraged.

Turtle Neck
Turtle Neck
source: i01.i.aliimg.com

3. Round Shoes

Round shoes make your legs look shorter than they actually are. Go for pointed shoes instead which actually make your legs seem little longer and  more beautiful.

Round Shoes
Round shoes
source: 3.bp.blogspot.com

4. Oversized Layering

Though stylish, they often end up making you look fat and baggy; Not the look I would go for!

Kajol in Oversized coat
Kajol in Oversized coat
source: scontent.cdninstagram.com

5. Big Hand bags

We all love big handbags since they look so beautiful and elegant. But, if you are small famed, I would suggest you not to go for big bags. Huge handbags will take away the attention from you, make your height look shorter and the bags bigger and that’s a fashion blunder.

Parineeti chopra
Parineeti chopra
source: 3.bp.blogspot.com

6. Maxi Dresses

Anything that covers your legs will make you look small and tiny. If you do wish to wear a maxi dress, I suggest wear it with some high heels and danglers.

Maxi Dress
Kajol in Maxi Dress
source: static1.squarespace.com

7. Bold Prints

Big bold prints are a big no-no. Abstract patterns and smaller prints will make you look better and balanced.

Bold print
Aishwarya Rai in bold print
source: www.raishma.co.uk

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