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We all have that day in front of our wardrobe when we have nothing new to wear. If that’s the case, we have got you really cool DIY hack. This article teaches you how to make a tie-in-front tank top. Your look will be refreshed with this effortlessly. This article changes the old, boring T-shirt that you never wear into a very cool tank top that is totally wearable.

With this article you will definitely learn how to make a tie-in-front tank top. This look is very trendy and chic. I am sure you have seen some divas wear this sort of top already. This top looks especially good when paired with high waisted plain shorts or a high waisted denim jeans.

All you need to do is find a T-shirt that could use some invention, and then you will be all set to transform it into something cooler.

DIY top
DIY top

Things you will need:

T-shirt of your choice. Try this first with an old tee before trying it on your favorite one. You’ll get ample practice with the first one to pull off the second one marvelously.

A pair of scissors.

A marker preferably black (if your T-shirt is not black!). Make sure that you mark the shirt where you wish to cut it at each step. So you don’t end up with a super low neckline or a really short tee which will ruin everything.

Steps to make the top:

Step 1

Cut your desired neckline.  It is important to choose what kind of neckline you want, whether you want a little loose and droopy one or a tight one. You should draw with a pen the kind of neckline you want on the T-shirt and then cut it accordingly. We recommend that you wear the T-shirt and draw the neckline accordingly.

Step 2

Cut off the sleeves to transform your full sleeved or half sleeved T-shirt into a tank. If you want spaghetti strap-thin, cut your T-shirt so that the straps are very thin. If you want just tank top straps, make them broad. I suggest doing the latter as its easier to do and requires less finesse.  You can directly start from Step 3 if you chose to work on a tank top.

Step 3

Cut the back of the shirt straight across your hips. This will make the back of your T-shirt a little shorter than the front. Make sure you mark till where you want to cut it. It is also important to do the cutting slowly or the entire tee may rip. If you want a shorter cropped shirt then feel free to cut till you think its perfect.

Tank top
Tank top

Step 4

Cut straight up till the middle of the front of the T-shirt. After which cut in to make two long pointed ends, this is where you would want your knot to be. Its suggested to make the cuts somewhere below your belly button.


Tie together the cuts so that it looks like a knot. You can tie it in the form of a ribbon as well. But do tie it two times to assure it doesn’t open up.

DIY Tank
DIY Tank

After this you can make certain alterations so the T-shirt fits you perfectly. Be cool and pair your DIY tank with shorts on a hot summer day.

You can now rock this newly made fabulous and stylish look by adding pieces of jewelry that highlight your own personality. With every DIY article, please just don’t stick to the norms. It is important to come up with your own variations and tricks to make the look your own style statement.

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to comment below. Also, share and tell your friends about this DIY trick. Follow us for more.

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