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8 Instagrammers Every Curvy Desi Girl should follow for Fashion

Life is much more Beautiful and Complex than a number on a Scale. Fashion is not about what Size you Wear. It’s about how you wear your size.

So, here are the 8 Instagram Fashion Bloggers which every Curvy Desi Girl can follow –

1. Neelakshi Singh  Plump to Pretty 

I’m not anti diet or pro diet, your body is your business and it’s not my place to tell you what you should weigh (although I think I occasionally do rant a bit about not beating yourself up over every extra half a kilo). It is my place though to tell you that whether you weigh 40 kgs or 100kgs you should make sure you look fabulous at all times! – Neelakshi Singh



2. Gia Kashyap  Gia Says That

Fashion is an art. I get inspired by colours, textures & compilation. It’s just like building a house. You create something magnificent by using different elements. Other than fashion, i love creating illustrations, photography, playing table tennis, editing videos, PC games & watching documentaries. Today, I am lucky to have worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry and has turned out to be one of the most influential Fashion blogs in India. – Gia Kashyap


I always feel like a superhero when I wear capes / jackets like these ??

A photo posted by Gia Kashyap (@giasaysthat) on


 3. Tanesha Awasthi  Tanesha Awasthi

The Tanesha Awasthi brand (formerly known as Girl With Curves) includes an award-winning blog, social media and YouTube channels with over 1.4 million followers, providing outfit inspiration, beauty tutorials, styling tips and a glimpse into Tanesha’s lifestyle as a wife, mom and multi-racial American who passionately supports the body positive and women empowerment movements.


4. Amena 

Amena #PlusSize Fashion Blogger | #BodyPositive | #Feminist | Freelance/Fashion Writer | Books


5. Sindhu Nadig  Asizeapart

A Size Apart Fashion blogger for curvy girls. Marketing professional at Myntra.

This blog is my creative punching bag. You will find a whole range of ideas that reflect my style, my intimacy with fashion and how I try not to let shapes and sizes rule my wardrobe. I am happily healthy AND I love to dress. Yes, the two can co-exist. A Size Apart will show you how.- Sindhu

Breezy outfit to get through the blazing heat. #sundayootd #ootd #curvyfashion #Sundaybrunch

A photo posted by Sindhu Nadig – A Size Apart (@asizeapart) on



6. Khooshbu  Indiancurvynista

A plus size-curvy Indian gal who loves fashion, shopping, selfies and loads of Drama. – Khooshbu


7. Reeneta Dutta  Reeneta_glamshutter 

Reeneta Dutta Plus Size Blogger | Body +ve | Copywriter | Resto Hopper | Clinomaniac | Music Junkie



8. Ragini R  A Curious Fancy 

I’m Ragini, a plus size fashion blogger with a fondness for the eccentric. I’m unapologetically fat and femme, and this blog is a chronicle of my personal style over the years. I’ve been body positive since before I started this blog, and I don’t care much for the idea of ‘flattering’ clothes. I believe in wearing what you want, however you want, and the freedom to do whatever you want with your own body. Life’s too short to not dress the way you’ve always dreamed of! Although personal style will always be the heart of this blog, I’ve lately branched off into DIY and beauty blogging as well.


A new post on the blog if you haven't seen it yet! Follow the link in my bio for more pics and outfit details ?

A photo posted by Ragini R (@kittehinfurs) on


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