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Top 22 Back Neck Blouse Designs for Your Wardrobe

8. Back butterfly bustier design:

You can be experimental with your blouse by choosing this design and referring to the pictures shown below.

Back butterfly Designs

Blouse Back Neck Designs With Stone Work

9. Back Chinese collar back neck:

This design goes well if you carry it well. It helps you in standing out of the crown and looking bold and independent.

Chinese collar back neck design for blouse

Chinesecollar blouse

collar neck net

10. Boat neck:

If you have a sexy back-line, flaunt it with this back neck blouse design.

Boat neck blouse

Boat neck blouse

Boat neck

11. One shoulder back neck

one shoulder back neck Saree Blouse

one should saree blouse

Manisha Koirala One Shoulder Saree Blouse

12. String style back neck-1:

One string style is this one with small to medium size tassels at the end.

string style back

string style saree blouses

string style saree blouses back design

13. String style back neck-2:

And the other one is this in which you get to show off your back entirely.

string style back neck type 2

string style saree blouse type 2

string style saree blouse

14. Off shoulder back neck:

Off shoulder back neck are classy and great for those who want to flaunt their skin and collar bones. Pair it up with a statement necklace and you’ll be good to go.

off shoulder blouses

Off Shoulder

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