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Top 22 Back Neck Blouse Designs for Your Wardrobe

15. Horseshoe back neck:

Flaunt your back and gorgeous skin with this horseshoe back neck design.

Diksha panth backless blouse

backless saree blouse black

horseshoe back neck saree blouse

16. Square back neck:

Square back neck design is one of the most common designs, yet it is famous because of its different look.

Round and square neck

Square Neck Saree Blouses Designs

Manali Jagtap Embroidery Shimmer Saree

17. Pointed back neck:

This design is for those who have a different taste in fashion. You can add different border designs or purchase a saree with this kind of embroidery at the back to get a better look.

pointed back neck saree blouse

pointed back neck

18. Net back neck:

Look as sophisticated as Sonam Kapoor with this attractive net back neck design.

net back saree blouse

19. Halter neck:

Another sophisticated look of the Bollywood Divas is this one.

Halter neck

20. Strings blouse with tassels:

A great choice for occasions would be this back neck design with strings attached to heavy tassels at the end. Look more traditional with these heavy tassels on any occasion.

designer back Strings blouse

Designer Blouse With Latkans

string saree blouse with tassels

21. Blouse with knot on back

saree blouse with knot on back

blouse with knot

trendy blouse back neck design with knot

22. High neck blouse designs:

One of the must have kind of blouses would be the high neck blouse which is one of the most trending blouse designs these days. A blouse that doesn’t need to be paired up with a heavy necklace but only jhumkas to give you the look of a strong independent woman.

high neck

Namitha Pramod in pink saree with high neck blouse

Black High Neck Catalogue

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