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Secrets To Look Hotter in Western Wear for Curvy Women

One fashion-fling a day, keeps wardrobe-disaster miles away. Here’s your daily dose of fashion mania. Today I will share some quick tricks to look all jazzy, pretty ladies. And today’s post goes out to the darlings, all those unbelievably sexy curvy women.  Up for western-wears? Here it goes. Read up to know about what western-wear goes best for your curves.

Believe you me when I tell you that men find curvy women way more appealing than the good old archetype of skinny models. Marilyn Monroe, Salma Hayek, Catherine Zeta Jones, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, every single one of them have envious curves and they are the goddesses of beauty. Unlike all those unbelievable hoardings and the bone-some skinny models in them, real women have fascinating curves and they are lovely. Men fall for that. And now, fashion-femmes, let’s understand what curves can do to your beauty budget. How you can use your super-weapon, your curves, that you thought all along, you could do away with. Here are some exquisite fashion tips for curvy women about how to make use of their western-wear wardrobe and look absolutely stunning.

Pick Your Jeans:

Well, jeans are a fashion staple and the trends and styles that make you look happening, are constantly evolving and making you hotter with even more experiments. But when you pick your jeans… nope, it’s not the time to experiment. You have to be extremely choosy for the jeans you pick for your curves. If you plan to flaunt them in a rough rugged cowboy look, choose those amazing bell bottoms. They are a treat to your curves. Boot cut jeans are also a good option to showcase your curvy frame. These jeans have a magical power to cut off those extra inches from your body.

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The strictly no-no’s:

If you have a heavy bottom, do away with all those back-pocket stylizations. They are of no good to you.  Also, I would suggest you to avoid embroidered jeans. You might feel that extremely tight jeans would give you an edge, but trust me; they are known to create muffin tops.

Best Dress-ed Curves:

Well, dresses are always a bliss to flaunt your feminine charm. But choosing the right one which fits you perfectly and shows off your charismatic curves as well is a challenge. Just follow simpler tricks and your there, the next style diva.

Dark monotone dresses for the dark and daring lady:

Choose dresses that are one-toned. Wear the right colours. Pick blacks, dark browns, burgundy, deep violet, charcoal grey, deep blues, olive. Blacks and other dark shades give a subtle slimming effect. It gives an illusion as these colours absorb light more.

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If it fits, then that’s it.

But fit is more important than the colour off course. A perfectly fitting white dress would definitely be more engaging than an ill-fitted black one.

Say ‘Thanks but not thanks’ to stretchables and baggy ones.

It’s an absolute myth that over-sized dresses make you look thinner. It just makes you look messy.  And as for stretchables; unless you want to catch the attention for all the wrong reasons, say, NO. Lycra, silk, rayon and other shiny jersey fabrics are offensive to your curves. Get rid of them, at once.

The knee-factor:

Pick whatever charms you but keep the knee-length factor intact. Always end your hemline where your limbs tend slimming down.

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Prints: Pick dresses with prints that are overlapping. Don’t engage with prints which have gaps in between. Generally the gap gives an illusion of broadness. So if you are large, it will make you look larger. Let it go.

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Winter-wear: Go for an overcoat. It hides the unwanted chunks and is better than swaggy sweaters.

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Tops: Try shift dress tops, this creates a sleek line and makes you look leaner.

Remember always to go for the V-neck. Round necks and broad-necks are best avoided. The V-neck gives you a slimmer look.

Go for vertical stripes in case of tees and shirts. Horizontal stripes are a horror for curves.

Don’t opt for frills, remember, the more volume your outfit gets, the more it makes you look fuller.

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Bulky arms? Well don’t be vengeful to your flabby arm, they are beautiful the way they are. All you need is dresses with three quarter sleeves. Also opt for the flutter sleeves; they might de-emphasize the problem area. Cap sleeves and off shoulder dresses are no good to you, bid adieu.


Hip factor: We understand, hips don’t lie, but that’s no reason for you not to celebrate your curvy bottom. Gift yourself all those wonderful Kimonos and wrap dresses. You can also try A-line dresses, to crunch your waist and flow over your hips and make you look gorgeous.

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Never waste that waist!
If your body-type is broad then you must be flaunting a super-sexy waistline. Highlight that waist to balance your body proportions, and woah, you got rid of two inches, instantly. The thin-waist trend is of yesteryears and now it’s time for some belts. Go for broader belts. A statement waist belt can dramatically get you the perfect look defining your curves.

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Accessories to magnify the bold and beautiful You:

Say hello to heels and get an oomph appeal. An increase of height balances your width.

Wear bold and full-neck statement accessories. Nobody can do justice with heavy accessories more than curvy women. Long necklaces, broader bracelets, danglers can do wonders to your personality.

For accessories try huge bags, tote bags and maxi bags could be really helpful.

I hope this discussion was helpful. We will be back with more fun and marvelous fashion.

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  • You may want to eliminate words such as ‘your extra flabs’ and ‘conceal your unwanted flab’ when speaking to a curvy woman audience. It’s offensive. Period. Most of the article contained helpful tips,it really did. But given the tone, you come across as body shaming.


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