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Know your accessories #2: The Ultimate Guide On Necklaces

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Types of necklaces according to their length

These pieces have been working from ages to beautify our neck, even before writing was invented. Necklace is a very broad category and can be sub-divided according to their length or materials used.

Let’s first go through the types of necklaces according to their length:

necklace length

1) Chokers and Collars

The neck cuff kind of thing that hugs your neck without drooping down much. Not everyone likes it, some even call it a dog leash but those who can carry it well ,they can achieve the fashionable sophisticated look. Collar is little shorter than the choke. It fits the diameter of your neck like a tight bangle on your wrist but both are very close and are used interchangeably.

Style Tip: A strict no if you are planning it to wear it with a turtle neck or collared neck! You can wear these with off shoulders. Looks best with casual wear , off shoulders and gowns. However, it doesn’t give a very formal look. So, you can only wear it to informal events, college, etc.

Chokers can be of any material. Even tying a silk ribbon around the neck counts, just be sure you don’t choke yourself :p But I would advice you to buy a choker from the market rather than making your own at home. No DIYs!

Common choker necklace


Your choker can even have personalized charms or lockets or chains or laces.

Lace choker with pendant

It can be as light as these

Velvet choker
Rose lace choker with hanging beads

Or  as heavy as this one:

Traditional gold choker

Pair the traditional ones with beautiful long anarkalis. Note that the traditional chokers are for functions and party wear and not for daily wear.

2) Princess and Matinee necklace

This kind of necklace is little longer than choker but still near your neck region. These length necklaces can be worn casually or for a party as well depending on their look. They look great with dresses.

Metal princess necklace
Violet matinee

The one below would look great with ethnic wear. It is very subtle and not too heavy.

Flower stone necklace

3) Opera and Rope

Both, the Opera and Rope, are really long and so are also referred to as chains. These are totally casual wear. You can pair them up with your colorful t-shirts and shorts or jeans to look different! They generally don’t have any elaborate work on them, just beads or interlocked chains.

If you like the top-to-bottom same color clothes, use these to fill in the void! Wear an all black jumpsuit and put on a colorful opera or rope necklace and it would look perfect with your outfit.

Pink opera

They are so long that they can be rounded about 3 times as shown in the picture above. So you can wear it as bead bracelet also anytime you want!

Rose and pearl long chain

See how perfectly it matches with that plain top:

Necklaces where all lengths are together-

Again depending on the materials used this can be used casual or traditional way.The below piece can be paired up with a plain t-shirt or a gown or even a kurti top.

Green multi-length chain


All images shown contained bead work but even those with simple chain and a locket are also necklaces. They also follow the varying lengths.

Lockets can’t be divided into many categories but they also come in different designs and size.

Heart locket

A style tip would be instead of buying locket necklaces of all size, buy one a locket with a chain having variable length setting and wear it to your comfort!

Best tip- Collect few typical lockets of gold, bronze, silver, brass and you will have enough accessories to match any outfit in your wardrobe! Any outfit.


Just wear the right thing at the right time at the right place:)

Happy Accessorizing!!^^


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